Perfect Pairings: Beer Lovers Edition
Perfect Pairings: Beer Lovers Edition

Perfect Pairings: Beer Lovers Edition

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Wisconsin Cheese Mart
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If you love to pair your cheeses with beer then this is the perfect assortment of Wisconsin cheese for you! This new gift basket of Wisconsin cheeses and snacks pairs perfectly with a variety of different beers. The cheeses in this gift basket are all made in Wisconsin and include a nice range of flavors. Your gift basket will include:

Buttery: Dill Havarti

  • Creamy: Saxony Alpine Style
  • Mild: Hatch Pepper Cheddar
  • Nutty: Almonds
  • Salty: Dipping Pretzels
  • Zesty: East Shore Sweet & Tangy Mustard

The Dill Havarti cheese in this gift basket is excellent with a Pilsner or a Stout. Rich, malty lagers compliment the Saxony Alpine Style cheese perfectly. The sweet and mild flavor of the Hatch Pepper Cheddar goes great with Pale Ales and fruity beers. Dip the pretzels in the delicious Sweet & Tangy mustard and enjoy the crunch of the almonds paired with these fine Wisconsin cheeses.

This gift basket is beautifully packaged in a Wisconsin branded wooden crate.